Schedule of Upcoming Off-Broadway Shows

Off-Broadway News   Schedule of Upcoming Off-Broadway Shows
Due to the expansive nature of Off-Broadway, this list is not comprehensive.

• Atlantic Theatre Company/Linda Gross Theater
• First Preview: June 30, 2018
• Opening: July 24, 2018
• Music and Lyrics: Stephen Trask and Peter Yanowitz
• Book: Rick Elice
• Director: Darko Tresnjak
• Cast: Krystina Alabado, Will Connolly, Eddie Cooper, Tony D'Alelio, Lulu Fall, Hannah Florence, Antwayn Hopper, Chilina Kennedy, Peter LaPrade, John-Michael Lyles, Krystal Mackie, Trevor McQueen, Nicole Medoro, Ian Paget, Theo Stockman, Samantha Marie Ware, and Antonio Watson

Set against the grit, the garbage strikes, the graffiti of 1979 New York City, This Ain’t No Disco tells the story of drifters and dreamers searching for their place in the night world of Studio 54 and Mudd Club. In their uptown/downtown quest for revelry and kinship, every decision is fateful in a city where one’s fate can turn on a dime bag.

• New York Theatre Workshop
• First Preview: July 11, 2018
• Opening: July 30, 2018
• Playwright: Marcu Gardley
• Director: Lileana Blain Cruz
• Cast: Joniece Abbott-Pratt, Juliana Canfield, Harriett D. Foy, Lynda Gravátt, Nedra McClyde, Marie Thomas, and Michelle Wilson

In the heat of summer in 1813, Louisiana passed from France to the United States. On the eve of the transfer, in a house in mourning, freedom hangs in the balance for a steely widow and her three eligible daughters, all free women of color.

• The Public Theater/Delacorte Theater
• First Preview: July 17, 2018
• Opening: July 31, 2018
• Playwright: William Shakespeare
• Concept: Kwame Kwei-Armah and Shaina Taub
• Music and Lyrics: Shaina Taub
• Director: Oskar Eustis and Kwame Kwei-Armah
• Cast: Kim Blanck, Ato Blankson-Wood, Lori Brown-Niang, Troy Anthony, Nanya-Akuki Goodrich, JW Guido, Daniel Hall, Shuler Hensley, Javier Ignacio, Nikki M. James, Jonathan Jordan, Andrew Kober, Patrick J. O'Hare, and Shaina Taub

In celebration of five extraordinary years of Public Works, Twelfth Night returns to Central Park to build upon its original Labor Day production in an all-new staging for a full five-week run. Professional artists and two rotating ensembles of community members from all five boroughs will perform together on the Delacorte stage in this enchanting comedy about Viola, a young heroine who washes up on the shores of Illyria, disguises herself as a man, is sent to court a countess, and falls in love with a Duke.

• New York City Center
• First Preview: July 25, 2018
• Opening: July 26, 2018
• Book, Music and Lyrics: Micki Grant
• Director and Choreographer: Savion Glover
• Cast: Alexandria Bradley, Rheaume Crenshaw, Dayna Dantzler, Marshall L. Davis Jr., Aisha de Haas, CK Edwards, Jeffry Foote, Shonica Gooden, Nina Hudson, Marla McReynolds, Amber Pickens, and Wayne Pretlow

With music and lyrics from Micki Grant, Don’t Bother Me, I Can’t Cope is a celebration of African-American culture and community. Originally conceived and directed by Vinnette Carroll, this radical work presents the issues of race politics in America and raises voices for change through a lively mix of song and dance with a score that includes gospel, jazz, soul, calypso, and rock.

• DR2 Theatre
• First Preview: July 25, 2018
• Opening: August 17, 2018
• Book: Allan Rice
• Music: Ben Green
• Lyrics: Greg Edwards
• Director: Andy Sandberg
• Choreographer: Shea Sullivan
• Cast: Jennifer Blood, Joel Blum, Brennan Caldwell, Susan J. Jacks, Lacretta, Alex Lewis, and Morgan Weed

A modern musical comedy with a psychiatric twist, Neurosis is a story about finding happiness, falling in love, and dealing with that little voice in your head along the way.

• Next Door at NYTW/Fourth Street Theatre
• First Preview: July 26, 2018
• Opening: July 27, 2018
• Creators and Performers: Michael Breslin & Patrick Foley

On screens across the world, women call themselves “Real Housewives” while they scream, sob, and scam their way to the top. Meanwhile, spiraling in shame in their bedrooms, Michael and Patrick clandestinely binge on the gaudy lives and savvy strategies of these expert performance artists. A raucous multimedia theatre work, This American Wife tracks Michael and Patrick’s obsessions with intimacy, queerness, and the deep desire to see and be seen.

• The Pershing Square Signature Center/Irene Diamond Stage
• First Preview: July 26, 2018
• Opening: August 9, 2018
• Music and Lyrics: Joe Iconis
• Book: Joe Tracz
• Director: Stephen Brackett
• Choreographer: Chase Brock
• Cast: Cameron Bond, Gerard Canonico, Katlyn Carlson, Stephanie Hsu, Troy Iwata, Tiffany Mann, Lauren Marcus, Will Roland, George Salazar, Britton Smith, Talia Suskauer, Jason Tam, and Jason SweetTooth Williams

It’s called a Squip. A tiny supercomputer inside a pill. Swallow one and a personalized voice will tell you how to dress, how to speak, how to… become cool. Jeremy Heere is your average, nothing-special teenager at Middleborough High in nothing-special New Jersey... until the day he finds out about “The Squip." Thus begins a journey that pits Jeremy's desire to be popular against his struggle to remain true to his authentic self.

• DR2 Theatre
• First Preview: July 28, 2018
• Opening: August 19, 2018
• Book: Adam Jackson, Katie Thompson, and Patrick Livingston
• Music and Lyrics: Katie Thompson
• Director: Andy Sandberg
• Choreographer: Shea Sullivan
• Cast: Katie Thompson, Matt Loehr, Marissa Rosen, and Kevin Zak

A secret redheaded revolutionary organization is taking matters into their own hands, fighting back against their imminent extinction and standing up for the rights of redheads everywhere.

• MCC Theater/Lucille Lortel Theare
• First Preview: August 16, 2018
• Opening: September 12, 2018
• Playwright: Jen Silverman
• Director: Mike Donahue
• Cast: Dana Delany, Lea DeLaria, Adina Verson, Ana Villafañe, and Chaunté Wayans

Meet five different women named Betty: one rich, one lonely, one charismatic, one lovelorn, and one who keeps working on her truck. Oh, and one has decided to stage a production of that play-within-a-play by… that old English guy, what's his name? Ah, forget it. In Jen Silverman’s unpredictable comedy, five women collide at the intersection of rage, love, and the “thea-tah,” provoking each other to take a look in the mirror and face the person they didn’t know they could be.

• Next Door at NYTW/Fourth Street Theatre
• First Preview: August 24, 2018
• Opening: TBD
• Concept, Music & Lyrics: Jacob Brandt
• Book: Dan Giles
• Directed by Jaki Bradley
• Cast: TBD

After he became the second man to walk on the moon, reporters asked Buzz Aldrin if he wished he had been the first. “I really didn’t want that,” Buzz claimed, “because of the added heartache.” Why is it so hard to believe him? A folk-rock fable for the runner-up in all of us, 1969: The Second Man explores competition and collective achievement through the story of one small man who became one giant myth.

• Playwrights Horizons/Mainstage Theater
• First Preview: August 31, 2018
• Opening: TBD
• Playwright: Craig Lucas
• Director: Tyne Rafaeli
• Director of Artistic Sign Language: Sabrina Dennison
• Cast: Marianna Bassham, Tad Cooley, Lisa Emery, Russell Harvard, Lois Smith, Gameela Wright, Beth Applebaum, Kalen Feeney, Seth Gore, Dickie Hearts, Amelia Hensley, Anthony Natale, and Alexandria Wailes

Ash has a blessed life, thankful every day for the gifts of his family, his addiction, and his son’s Deafness. But on one fateful day, everything’s taken from him. How can he see this unexpected test, that threatens to cast him and his loved ones into darkness, as the ultimate gift?

• The Pershing Square Signature Center/Alice Griffin Jewel Box Theatre
• First Preview: September 4, 2018
• Opening: September 20, 2018
• Playwright: Sharr White
• Director: Scott Elliott
• Cast: Austin Cauldwell, Edie Falco, Glenn Fitzgerald, Michael McKean, John Pankow, and Peter Scolari

Dorothea “Polly” Noonan is the blunt, profane, decades-long defender of Albany’s Democratic Party machine. When it comes to Polly, politics is only personal, especially now that her hero, “mayor for life” Erastus Corning II, is battling for party control while at the same time fighting the fiercest primary challenge of his life. The True is an intimate portrait of the bounds of love, loyalty, and female power in the male-dominated world of 1977 patronage politics.

• Theatre for a New Audience/Polonsky Shakespeare Center
• First Preview: September 9, 2018
• Opening: TBD
• Playwright: Colin Teevan
• Director: Walter Meierjohann
• Cast: Kathryn Hunter and Temesgen Zeleke

Based on Ryszard Kapuscinski's celebrated and controversial 1978 book of the same name about the downfall of Ethiopian emperor Haile Selassie, The Emperor gets inside of ten different male servants of Selassie, including his pillow-bearer, purse-bearer and dog-urine wiper, to explore political power and create complex human portraits.

• The Public Theater/Newman Theater
• First Preview: September 11, 2018
• Opening: October 1, 2018
• Playwright and Director: Conor McPherson
• Music and Lyrics: Bob Dylan
• Cast: Todd Almond, Jeannette Bayardelle, Stephen Bogardus, Sydney James Harcourt, Matthew Frederick Harris, Caitlin Houlahan, Robert Joy, Marc Kudisch, Luba Mason, Tom Nelis, David Pittu, Colton Ryan, John Schiappa, Rachel Stern, Samantha Marie Ware, Chelsea Lee Williams, and Mare Winningham

Bob Dylan’s inimitable songbook is authentically transformed into this achingly beautiful story of a down-on-its-luck community on the brink of change in Dylan’s hometown Duluth, Minnesota in 1934.

• The McKittrick Hotel
• Opening: September 15, 2018
• Playwright: Colin Teevan
• Creator and Performer: Scott Silven

Acclaimed illusionist Scott Silven hosts an evening of fine dining and whiskey tasting interwoven with illusion, mentalism and storytelling. Candles flicker. Whiskey pours. Conversation stirs. Before the night is over, your thoughts will transcend; mysteries will materialize; and your dreams will be revealed.

• The Public Theater/Anspacher Theater
• First Preview: September 25, 2018
• Opening: TBD
• Playwright: Jane Anderson
• Director: Matthew Penn
• Cast: Glenn Close

Mother of the Maid tells the story of Joan of Arc’s mother, a sensible, hard-working, God-fearing peasant woman whose faith is upended as she deals with the baffling journey of her odd and extraordinary daughter. This riveting play is an epic tale told through an unexpected and remarkable new perspective.

• Atlantic Theater Company/Linda Gross Theater
• First Preview: September 26, 2018
• Opening: October 15, 2018
• Playwright: Donja R. Love
• Director: Saheem Ali
• Cast: TBD

Somewhere in the Jim Crow South, the sky is on fire. A pregnant Olivia's fierce speech writing is the sole force behind her charismatic husband Charles and his successful Movement to galvanize people to march towards freedom. When four little girls are bombed in a church, Olivia and Charles' marriage is threatened - as this tragedy and years of civil unrest leave Olivia believing that "this world ain't no place to raise a colored child."

• Roundabout Theatre Company/Laura Pels Theatre
• First Preview: September 27, 2018
• Opening: October 16, 2018
• Playwright: Alexi Kaye Campbell
• Director: Daniel Aukin
• Cast: Stockard Channing

You do not mess with Kristin Miller. In the 1960s, she was a radical activist and political protester. Now a celebrated art historian, the publication of her memoir threatens to split her family apart. But Kristin has never been one to shy away from a fight.

• St. Ann's Warehouse
• First Preview: September 27, 2018
• Opening: October 7, 2018
• Music: Richard Rodgers
• Book and Lyrics: Oscar Hammerstein II
• Director: Daniel Fish
• Cast: TBD

More than seven decades after its wartime premiere, the show that changed the course of the Broadway musical resurfaces as a daring new chamber work…

• Daryl Roth Theatre
• First Preview: October 2, 2018
• Opening: October 18, 2018
• Playwright: Emily Mann
• Director: Diane Paulus
• Cast: Christine Lahti

Based on the extraordinary life of Gloria Steinem, Gloria: A Life weaves together events from her 50 years in social and political activism. Starting from her early years as an audacious reporter and as a founder of Ms. Magazine, the play features personal stories of the people who inspired her, leading to her evolution into a woman who has inspired generations.

• Manhattan Theatre Club at New York City Center/Stage I
• First Preview: October 2, 2018
• Opening: October 23, 2018
• Playwright: Jaclyn Backhaus
• Director: Will Davis
• Cast: TBD

In a small Wisconsin town, a tight-knit Punjabi community gathers to celebrate the wedding of a traditional family’s only son, just as their strong-willed daughter announces her plans to move away and open a bar. As they come together for feasts filled with singing and dancing, one generation’s cherished customs clash with another’s modern-day aspirations, and ghosts and pirates from the family’s past linger in everyone’s thoughts – until one sudden event changes everything.

• Lincoln Center Theater/Claire Tow Theater
• First Preview: October 6, 2018
• Opening: October 22, 2018
• Playwright: Miranda Rose Hall
• Director: Margot Bordelon
• Cast: Jax Jackson and Marianne Rendon

Theo and Cecily want to be honest about their sexual histories, but what happens when telling the truth jeopardizes everything? A contemporary queer love story, Plot Points in Our Sexual Development explores gender, intimacy, and the dangers of revealing yourself to the person you love.

• Manhattan Theatre Club at New York City Center/Stage II
• First Preview: October 12, 2018
• Opening: October 25, 2018
• Playwright: Eleanor Burgess
• Director: Kimberly Senior
• Cast: TBD

At an elite East Coast university, an ambitious young black student and her esteemed white professor meet to discuss a paper the college junior is writing about the American Revolution. They’re both liberal. They’re both women. They’re both brilliant. But very quickly, discussions of grammar and Google turn to race and reputation, and before they know it, they’re in dangerous territory neither of them had foreseen – and facing stunning implications that can’t be undone.

• MCC Theater/Lucille Lortel Theare
• First Preview: October 16, 2018
• Opening: October 22, 2018
• Playwright: Jocelyn Bioh
• Director: Rebecca Taichman
• Cast: TBD

Paulina, the reigning queen bee at Ghana's most exclusive boarding school, has her sights set on the Miss Universe pageant. But the arrival of Ericka, a new student with undeniable talent and beauty, captures the attention of the pageant recruiter--and Paulina’s hive-minded friends.

• The Public Theater/LuEsther Hall
• First Preview: October 23, 2018
• Opening: November 7, 2018
• Playwright: Patricia Ione Lloyd
• Director: Jo Bonney
• Cast: TBD

In the aftermath of a messy divorce and a daughter coming out as queer, Deborah is trying to keep things normal at home. But as black people continue to be killed beyond their four walls, the outside finds its way in, blurring the lines between family dynamics, politics, and the spirit world. How long can family dinners keep the dangers outside at bay?

• The Pershing Square Signature Center/Irene Diamond Stage
• First Preview: October 23, 2018
• Opening: TBD
• Playwright: Will Eno
• Director: Oliver Butler
• Cast: TBD

This surreal and very real one-man show follows Thom Pain as he desperately, and hilariously, tries to save his own life...or at least make it into something worth dying for.

• Lincoln Center Theater/Mitzi E. Newhouse Theater
• First Preview: October 25, 2018
• Opening: November 19, 2018
• Playwright: Tom Stoppard
• Director: Jack O'Brien
• Cast: Eshan Bay, Adelaide Clemens, Nina Grollman, Katie Beth Hall, Chris O'Shea, Tara Summers, and Karoline Xu

In Tom Stoppard's The Hard Problem, Hilary is a young psychology researcher at the Krohl Institute for Brain Science where psychology and biology meet. If there is nothing but matter, what is consciousness? This is "the hard problem" facing science, and for Hilary the possibility of genuine altruism, without a hidden Darwinian self-interest, depends on the answer. Meanwhile she is nursing a private sorrow. She needs a miracle and is prepared to pray for one.

• The Public Theater/Martinson Hall
• First Preview: October 30, 2018
• Opening: TBD
• Playwright: Hansol Jung
• Director: Leigh Silverman
• Cast: TBD

Minsung is a “goose father,” a South Korean man whose wife and daughter have moved to America for a better life. Deeply lonely, he escapes onto the internet and meets Nanhee, a young defector forced to leave her family behind in North Korea. Amidst the endless noise of the modern world, where likes and shares have taken the place of love and touch, Minsung and Nanhee try their best to be real for each other. But after a lifetime of division and separation, is connection possible?

• New York City Center
• Opening: November 14, 2018
• Music: Marvin Hamlisch
• Lyrics: Edward Kleban
• Book: James Kirkwood and Nicholas Dante
• Directors: Bob Avian and Baayork Lee
• Cast: TBD

A Chorus Line, the 2018 New York City Center Annual Gala Presentation, is a joyous celebration of dance and musical theater—two art forms that City Center has been bringing to New York audiences for 75 years. In 1975, the stories of seventeen Broadway dancers were brought to life when A Chorus Line opened Off-Broadway. The musical was born of workshop sessions with actual Broadway dancers (eight of whom appeared in the original cast) who laid bare their personal stories and the challenges they faced in pursuit of their dreams.

• The Pershing Square Signature Center/Romulus Linney Courtyard Theatre
• First Preview: November 20, 2018
• Opening: TBD
• Playwright: Lynn Nottage
• Director: Lileana Blain-Cruz
• Cast: TBD

This satirical tale, set in present-day New York City, follows successful African-American publicist Undine as she stumbles down the social ladder after her husband steals her hard-earned fortune. Broke and now pregnant, Undine is forced to return to her childhood home in the Brooklyn projects, where she must face the challenges of the life she left behind.

• Theatre for a New Audience/Polonsky Shakespeare Center
• First Preview: November 24, 2018
• Opening: TBD
• Playwrights and Directors: Peter Brook and Marie-Hélène Estienne
• Cast: Hiran Abeysekera, Omar Silva, Kalieaswari Srinivasan, and Donald Sumpter

The Prisoner examines the complexities of crime, justice, and compassion in a breathtaking new international production. A man sits alone outside a prison. Who is he, and what is he doing there? Is he free, or is he the prisoner?

• Atlantic Theater Company/Linda Gross Theater
• First Preview: December 12, 2018
• Opening: January 7, 2019
• Playwright: Abby Rosebrock
• Director: Taibi Magar
• Cast: Marin Ireland

A progressive high-school teacher with a rage problem retaliates against her unscrupulous boss and is sentenced to six months at a church-sponsored halfway house, where she attends to everyone's recovery but her own. Set in Southern Appalachia, Blue Ridge is a pitch-dark comedy about heartbreak, hell-raising and healing.

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