Performances of Tom Stoppard's latest production resume August 7, 2021.

SYNOPSIS: Vienna in 1900 was the most vibrant city in Europe, humming with artistic and intellectual excitement and a genius for enjoying life. A tenth of the population were Jews. A generation earlier they had been granted full civil rights by the Emperor, Franz Josef. Consequently, hundreds of thousands had fled from the Pale and the pogroms in the East and many found sanctuary in the crowded tenements of the old Jewish quarter, Leopoldstadt.

Directed by Patrick Marber

Cast: Sebastian Armesto, Jenna Augen, Rhys Bailey, Jarlan Bogolubov, Faye Castelow, Joe Coen, Felicity Davidson, Mark Edel-Hunt, Clara Francis, Ilan Galkoff, Caroline Gruber, Sam Hoare, Natalie Law, Avye Leventis, Noof McEwan, Dorothea Myer-Bennett, Jake Neads, Aaron Neil, Alexander Newland, Yasmin Paige, Ramsay Robertson, Adrian Scarborough, Joshua Schneider, Sadie Shimmin Griffin Stevens, Ed Stoppard, Luke Thallon, Eleanor Wyld, Alexis Zegerman

Show Times: Monday- Saturday @7:30pm, Thursday and Saturday @2:30pm